Stop feeling like your body is falling apart and start building strength + flexibility where you need it the most.

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For folks recovering from pain or injury who want to feel strong and confident, once and for all, Muscles & Moxie® offers FUNction-focused training that’ll make consistency feel easy!

Hello, new friend — I’m Sarah!

I created Muscles & Moxie to help you feel better in your body, move like butter, and get stronger, inside and out — AKA build muscles and moxie.

Because “working out” for aesthetic reasons alone isn’t healthy or sustainable.

But training to live the life you want, without pain or injury holding you back? Now, that is meaningful. And worth making time for.

Build sustainable strength (without becoming a “gym bro”).

Want to move and feel better than you did in your 20s? To understand the what’s, why’s, and how’s behind getting your body to function optimally? For consistency to feel … effortless? At Muscles & Moxie, we believe knowledge is power and performance goals are key when it comes to making movement an enjoyable part of your life – but that the gym doesn’t have to be your life.

Supercharge your fitness journey, the right way.

Because we’re all about non-scale victories over here, no training session will ever feel like punishment. Sure, you’ll get encouraged outside your comfort zone, but this time it’ll serve a greater purpose — to change your LIFE, not just your mid-section. And when feeling good is the focus? Training will become the best part of your day.

Rest easy, knowing that pain or injury will no longer hold you back from doing the things you love.

Little known fact — training has the potential to alleviate chronic joint or muscle pain (even if you’ve tried it all). With me, you’re not just getting a certified personal trainer and strength coach, but also a joint mobility and pain-free performance specialist (ooh la la!). Together, we’ll get your body doing things you never thought possible.

Have confidence that you’re getting a customized training program, not just a series of cookie-cutter workouts.

There’s nothing wrong with doing one-off workouts, but I bet if you’re here, you want MORE. With all 1:1 training, you’ll get guided through a fitness program tailored to you and your wants and needs. Even my group classes and online programs are designed with a specific objective in mind. Because, purpose progress.

Take a deeper look inside my virtual home so you know ALL THE THINGS upfront, before we meet IRL.

Because there’s nothing worse than having to hop on the phone just to learn about basic things like pricing, amiright?

About Me
Meet strength and mobility coach Sarah Laspas (that’s me!) to see if we’re a good fit to get you fit.

Who are you, really?

Check out the ways I can help you get stronger  — inside and out — either in Evanston, IL or via Zoom.

What are my options?

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Let’s talk details!

Test drive my training style for a whole month without ever opening your wallet or leaving your home!

When you sign up for my FREE 4-week Mobility for Desk Workers program you’ll get instant access to 10 routines that’ll help you trade in stiffness + soreness for strength + flexibility in all the right places. No equipment needed. No strings attached.