Jaded gym-goer who:

  • Is sick of the sameness? Or…
  • Feels more pain than progress? Or…
  • Wants to use today’s workout for more than just sweating out last night’s burrito but doesn’t know where to even start?

You’re in the right place, friend!

I’m Sarah Laspas, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Original Strength Coach based in Evanston, Illinois.

I also happen to be a former non-athlete who got caught up in the cardio craze in college only to spend every workout wallowing in a sweaty pit of misery and despair.

It wasn’t until nearly ten years later — after I ditched Weightroom Overwhelm and its trusty sidekick, Progress Underwhelm — when I finally found my love for fitness.

Now I help women with attitude (like you!) give “lifting phobia” the finger and get fit and grit because of it.*

Having had clients say things like “Both my physical and mental lifestyles have changed dramatically” and go on to do things like trek to Everest Basecamp, I’m all about you escaping your comfort zone, both inside and outside of the gym, and upleveling your badass-ness every step of the way.

Because that’s what happens when you challenge yourself the right way. When you stop treating exercise as punishment and start retraining your body to move the way it was designed to.

You’ll not only tighten and tone but also get stronger and stand taller. And that’s the key to staying active and adventurous for longer.

*No boredom, bulk, or gym bro’ing required.

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As Seen In:

I would train with her every day if I could.
~ SJ C.

I felt stronger and more confident after every workout.
~ Andrea H.

I’ve worked with trainers in the past, but Sarah was by far the best.
~ Lisa C.

Both my physical and mental lifestyles have changed dramatically.
~ Lucy C.

Sarah totally turned things around for me.
~ Kelsey M.