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Hey there! I’m Sarah. And I help (mostly) women build strength and move better

and start getting compliments like, “Daaamn, I want your arms!” *bicep emoji*

Sick of being intimidated by the weightroom (been there)?

Ready to find your fitness flow, once and for all, so you can get your body back to doing what you want, when you want (#goals)?

You’re in the right place, friend:

No fads, boredom, or condescending “gym bros” to be found.

About Me
Find out who I am and what Muscles and Moxie™ Fitness Coaching is all about so you can decide if we’re a good fit to get you fit.

I want details.

Check out how this Evanston-based personal trainer (and self-defense instructor!) can help you get stronger, inside and out.

Gimme muscles and moxie.

Client Love
Peek inside my virtual shoebox of love notes from happy clients to see what training with me has done for others and can do for you.

Impress me.

As Seen In:

I would train with her every day if I could.
~ SJ C.

Both my physical and mental lifestyles have changed dramatically.
~ Lucy C.

I felt stronger and more confident after every workout.
~ Andrea H.

I’ve worked with trainers in the past, but Sarah was by far the best.
~ Lisa C.

Sarah totally turned things around for me.
~ Kelsey M.

My work with her has made me feel like a total badass — inside and out.
~ Kate E.