Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Sarah, a certified personal trainer (and self-defense instructor … more on that later) in Evanston, Illinois.

I’ve had clients say things like, “Both my physical and mental lifestyles have changed dramatically,” and go on to do things like trek to Everest Basecamp (and even flatter me with statements like, “I would train with her every day if I could.” *humbly flips hair*)

And now?

I want all of that for you. Though feel free to swap Everest for your adventure of choice.

Why am I the trainer for you?

BECAUSE you really want to want to work out. But you also really want the treadmill to go f*ck itself. #conundrum

BECAUSE you have endorphin envy. You’d love nothing more than to get that exercise “rush” everyone talks about, but all you feel is overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time.

BECAUSE, dammit, you’re not lazy. And you’re sick of feeling like you are!

That’s exactly where I come in.

I started Muscles and Moxie™ to help badasses like you find bliss in fitness.

From guiding you through a fitness program that hits the sweet spot where your wants and needs intersect to dishing out all the juicy what’s, why’s, and how’s (knowledge is power, my friend), I’ll have you confidently reveling in your newfound strength (and sleevelessness!) in as little as 12 weeks flat.

So whether you find yourself in the weightroom wading through a sweaty sea of gym bros or in a jam-packed group fitness class, you’ll never have that “WTF?!” moment again.

BEST PART: No. Treadmill. Required. Because when it comes to exercise? Punishment is NOT the point.

Ready to find out what is? Click here to check out my personal training services.

Wanna know how good I am?

Peek inside my virtual shoebox of love notes from happy clients here.

Wanna know more about me?

Here are a dozen facts, in no particular order:

1. I love fitness, but I hate the fitness industry. I hate the “inspirational” quotes like no pain no gain, the strategically angled and overly edited photos flooding social media, and the 30-day challenges that only offer short-term results. There’s a lot of BS out there, and I want to help you sift through it.

2. I have a Boxer/Australian Shepherd rescue dog named Lucy. She lifts her leg when she pees. A true (four-legged) feminist.

3. The only “sport” I played in high school was marching in the band. We were so good that, in my senior year, we marched in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Ireland.

4. Before becoming a personal trainer in 2016, I spent over a decade in the legal field. I even earned my M.S. in Criminal Justice; my final project on preventing the sexual victimization of female college students. Fast forward to…

5. Last year, on a whim, I signed up for a self-defense workshop, which renewed my enthusiasm for crime prevention. I took IMPACT Chicago’s 3-day self-defense program shortly thereafter, started practicing Muay Thai, and ultimately completed R.A.D.‘s self-defense instructor certification training in Spring 2019. Click here to get details on my next self-defense class and to learn more about my private, on-site trainings for individuals and corporations in Chicago and Evanston.

6. My husband and I met the good ol’ fashioned way — in a bar, over Halloween weekend. Our first date was a week later: A football game between my alma mater, Penn State, and his, Purdue. We’ve been together ever since … a match made in Big Ten heaven.

7. I take great pleasure in putting together IKEA furniture. I’ve been told that makes me a masochist.

8. I took an 8-week long storytelling class at Second City to face my fear of public speaking. I got more value out of that one class than all of the speaking and writing classes I took in high school, college, and grad school combined.

9. I’ve run multiple marathons and 200-mile relay races despite growing up with asthma. I went skydiving even though I’m wary of heights. I did a 10-mile hike in the Andean Mountains of Colombia on the tail end of food poisoning. Clearly, “can’t” is the only four-letter word you’ll rarely hear me use.

10. However, I truly can’t go to bed until I’ve washed my face. Whether I’m in a smelly van with five other people doing an overnight relay race or on a sketchy overnight train from Prague to Budapest, it gets done.

11. I LOVE what I do. I love encouraging people to escape their comfort zones. I love proving to people that fitness is only a bitch if you’re focused on the wrong things at the wrong times for the wrong reasons. And, most of all, I love watching people get stronger than they ever thought possible — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

12. That’s what I hope to do for you here … help you look and feel your best. Not just for the next 30 days. But for life.

Ready? Click here.