In the meantime, here’s my bio for your viewing pleasure:


Sarah Laspas – AKA The Fitness Coach Championing Non-Scale Victories – is the founder of Muscles and Moxie, LLC, where she trains folks recovering from pain or injury to get their bodies back to doing what they want, when they want.

Laspas started the Evanston-based company in 2017 as a way to “bridge the gap” between physical therapy and traditional training. While most fitness businesses are centered around numbers and aesthetics, no matter the cost to your health, this one is committed to helping you feel better, move like butter, and get stronger – inside and out – all while serving as a space for you to cultivate a positive relationship with movement and your body, something that today’s appearance-driven social media climate has made nearly impossible to accomplish. The mission of the company is to add life to your years through FUNction-focused training that will make consistency feel easy.

Laspas is a certified strength and mobility coach and pain-free performance specialist. Her clientele includes a stroke survivor who went from paralysis to push-ups, a 10-year sufferer of chronic neck pain who “tried it all” but is now pain-free, and a fitness veteran who broke their back and, less than one year later, moves better than before. She has also helped a strength training newbie fulfill her dream of trekking to Everest Basecamp and has had countless clients say things like, “Both my physical and mental lifestyles have changed dramatically,” and, “I would train with you every day if I could.” *humbly flips hair*

She is an “elder” Millennial living in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago who baby-talks to dogs but not babies, is a self-described Real Housewives junkie, and hates olives – yes, ALL olives – despite being married to a Greek. (Shameful, I know.)

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