My favorite love notes are the ones I get from happy clients
(shhh, don’t tell my husband)

“I’ve worked with trainers in the past, but Sarah was by far the best.”

I started working with Sarah after recovering from a health crisis where I was unable to exercise for several years. In working with a personal trainer, I was hoping to rebuild my strength and stamina so that I could resume a regular fitness routine and continue my journey to wellness. I’ve worked with trainers in the past, but Sarah was by far the best. She has mastered a great balance between pushing her clients to give it their all but doing so in an encouraging and non-intimidating way, and because it’s fun, the time goes by SO quickly. More importantly, Sarah was patient with me in teaching me proper form, and I can do all kinds of things in resistance training that I couldn’t do before. After working with Sarah, I’m stronger, slimmer, walk taller, and have a lot more confidence both in and out of the gym. My body functions so much more efficiently, and I feel strong from the inside out.
~ Lisa C.

“Sarah totally turned things around for me.”

Working with Sarah was exactly what I needed. I was planning a trek to Mt. Everest Basecamp but had always been a yoga girl and was super intimidated by the weightroom. I was also suffering from chronic lower back pain. Sarah totally turned things around for me. First, using strength training and Original Strength exercises, we fixed my alignment, and my back finally started feeling better. From there, she gave me the skills and confidence to do additional workouts in the gym by myself! I now stand straighter and use my body effectively and efficiently (and get compliments on my arms!). I am on my way to Nepal as I write this, and I know training with Sarah is a huge reason why I feel so confident for this adventure.
~ Kelsey M.

“My work with her has made me feel like a total badass — inside and out.”

Working with Sarah has been a boost in my life I didn’t even realize I needed. In my 20s and 30s I approached all exercise from the “push harder” perspective. Looking back now, I realize I was just throwing my body around without much intention or focus. After years of that and having two kids, I found myself in a state of ongoing pain. I was suddenly fearful and hesitant to push myself physically in any way. But after my first session with Sarah, I reconnected with a feeling I thought I had lost forever … I felt STRONG! I also didn’t feel scared to push hard because it was clear that Sarah really knew her stuff and had my back. She listened carefully to my interests and needs, and quickly observed ways that my lifestyle and injuries were impacting me. As a result of her thoughtfully customized workouts, I started to notice a difference physically and mentally in a very short period of time (after just a month, my son commented on how “muscley” my back felt when he gave me a hug!). Sarah gives me confidence on the days I struggle to muster it and I’m now using weights I would have never gone near at the gym. My work with her has made me feel like a total badass—inside and out.
~ Kate E.

“10 out of 10!”

So I already have been working out about 3-4x a week pretty steadily for the past few months. I thought I was in pretty good shape and didn’t need too many tips. WRONG. Sarah had me beat by the end of each session and it was great! Not only did she show me new exercises to do with a combination of dynamic movements, TRX training, and balancing moves, she also was very encouraging and attentive to when it was getting to be a bit much. I would highly recommend her to any of my patients, family, friends, and random strangers that are committed to making a positive change in their health and fitness life. 10 out of 10!
~ Kuan S.

“I would train with her every day if I could.”

Sarah is an amazing trainer. She listened to what my goals were and tailored a fitness plan to them exactly. Working with Sarah made me stronger, toned, and confident about how to use gym equipment properly on my own. She is charismatic and fun, so I always looked forward to our sessions. I told Sarah I get bored with workouts easily, and she designed workouts for me that were so varied that I never felt like I was doing the same thing twice. It’s clear that Sarah is qualified; she is not only knowledgeable about anatomy, movement, and how to address/prevent weakness or injury, but she has a ton of experience herself as a marathon runner. I would train with her every day if I could.
~ SJ C.

“I’ve become immeasurably stronger and healthier.”

Sarah is amazing! I’ve been training with her for about 9 months now, and I’ve become immeasurably stronger and healthier. Each time I see her for a workout, I feel like she’s carefully considered my particular goals and needs, and that she’s created a workout specific to me. She keeps a very close eye on me during workouts, adjusting my form and encouraging me throughout the hour. It makes exercise SO much easier to just show up, get my butt kicked, and then feel that great workout high for the rest of the day. I adore Sarah, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!
~ Erin J.

“I felt stronger and more confident leaving every workout.”

Training with Sarah was a great experience. Her strength training workouts are fast-paced, sweat inducing, and different from start to finish. It was a great core workout and I didn’t have to do any sit-ups or crunches! She used a variety of equipment – we weren’t just hanging in the weight room – and movements that kept the workout interesting and challenging. I felt stronger and more confident leaving every workout. Sarah is passionate about her work and brings that to every session. I recommend her to anyone who wants to build strength and learn along the way.
~ Andrea H.

“The progress I’ve made is phenomenal.”

January 2019 I was paralyzed in Evanston Hospital. I spent two months at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. A great place. They got me up and at ’em again, but with chronic weakness still. Physical therapy can only take you so far. I was determined to seek a “strong recovery” and sought some personal training. I found Sarah at Muscles and Moxie and we’ve been working together three times a week for almost four months. The progress I’ve made is phenomenal. Not just muscle strength but balance, coordination, and laughing. I highly recommend her for personal training. She know her stuff, respects your goals and works with you to even exceed them. So thankful.
~ Ric H.

“Both my physical and mental lifestyles have changed dramatically.”

Before I met Sarah, working out wasn’t persistent and I got bored at the gym very easily. I’ve now been working with her for about two or three months and both my physical and mental lifestyles have changed dramatically. Sarah pushes me in our sessions in a fun and motivational way, using different exercises with a variety of different equipment. Not only does working out with her make me a physically stronger person but she also helps me feel more confident about my body. With Sarah, I definitely flex my moxie!
~ Lucy C.

“I can feel the direct impact of her training in my horseback riding.”

I went into personal training with the hope of slightly improving my balance to help my horseback riding career, but I got so much more than that!! Sarah is warm and inviting, her sessions are always educational and challenging, and I can feel the direct impact of her training in my riding (my balance has improved immensely, my core is noticeably stronger, and my cardio is better … without dreaded treadmill exercises!). I also looked forward to every session with Sarah because I knew not only was she there to help me physically, she was also there to support me mentally and emotionally. Especially as things became more and more stressful in the world I felt like Sarah was a rock in these choppy seas that I could cling to for an hour and get some much needed time to breathe. I truly could not recommend Sarah more highly as a personal trainer.
~ Sydney S.

“After 10 years of battling chronic neck and back pain, I am pain-free!”

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical about virtual training being able to accommodate the close attention my chronic neck pain requires, but from our very first session, I quickly realized that even though we had never worked out together in person Sarah was incredibly effective at monitoring my form through Zoom. And, after 10 years of battling chronic neck and back pain, Sarah provided the final piece to the puzzle and I am pain-free! Her guidance has truly been life-changing. Over the years I tried multiple stints of physical therapy, massage therapy, a standing desk, heating pads, support pillows, etc., but Sarah’s expertise finally cracked the code. I am forever grateful!
~ Michelle C.

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