Let’s face it: No matter how healthy your habits, going home for the holidays has a special way of bringing out the overeater and couch potato-er in all of us.

First, you fall out of your routine. Then, you lose momentum (and get reminded of just how easily “I’ll start back up tomorrow” can creep back into your vocabulary). And, before you know it, a tiny part of you has come to dread these annual visits because you know you’ll spend the next week … or two … or three … feeling like, well, shit.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge; we’ve been there and your secret’s safe with us. But we are here to help.

Join us for our FREE 5-Day Holiday Survival Challenge, kicking off on Monday, November 25th.

Stay in the healthy-eating and active-living groove, once and for all, even if you’re staying with family whose habits are far different than yours.

Say no more. I’m in!

With this free challenge, you’ll get:

Access to our exclusive VIP Facebook group. It opens on Sunday, November 24th, and we — a health coach and personal trainer — will guide you through preparing for (and surviving) your Thanksgiving. Got questions? We’ll answer them. Need daily motivation? We’ve got you. Basically, you’ll have access to our brains for 5 full days — before, during, and after Thanksgiving — for free.

Our step-by-step pre-visit checklist. Because you already know what happens without a plan: Your workout clothes never leave the suitcase and your clean eating habits get thrown right out your childhood bedroom window. We get it. We’ve been there too.

Five simple, healthy-but-tasty recipes. That’s right, if you expect to stay on track, you may have to grocery shop and even, *gasp*, cook a meal or three. But it’ll be worth it. We promise.

Three at-home workouts. Each will take no more than 30 minutes, you won’t need any equipment, and every exercise with come with a photo and video clip. So, if you’ve got no gym, not a lot of time, or no idea what to do or how to do it … you’re covered.

Tried-and-true scripts. Learn how to confidently respond to those, um, difficult family members. You know, the pushy “But you have to try Aunt Karen’s pumpkin pie!” and the “Awww, come on, can’t you take a day off from exercise?” ones who tend to sabotage your good “eating and exercise” intentions, year after year.

Just give us one week, and you’ll learn how to stick to your eating habits over the holidays (without feeling deprived) and stay active (without taking hours away from your family time) so you don’t go off the healthy-living rails and spend the rest of the year trying to get back on track. Ever. Again.

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Who are we?

Sarah Laspas, owner of Muscles and Moxie, LLC, is a personal trainer who helps women build the bodies they need to live active and adventurous lives.

Having had clients say things like “Both my physical and mental lifestyles have changed dramatically” and go on to do things like trek to Everest Basecamp, she’s seen time and again how embracing the weightroom is a game changer when it comes to getting stronger, moving better, and looking and feeling your best. Sarah also knows firsthand the importance of keeping exercise fun, functional, and varied; as someone who was never an athlete and used to dread workouts, she can say 100% that’s the key to finding (and keeping) your fitness flow.

Sarah is known for her approachable training style and is all about you escaping your comfort zone, both inside and outside of the gym, and upleveling your badassness every step of the way.

Founder of Holistically Chic, LLC, Demi Moore is a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

After having developed terrible eating habits filled with lots of snacking, binge eating, and caffeine, being called obese by the Dr, Demi knew something had to change. Not wanting genetics to determine her life, she lost 20+ pounds by simply changing how she ate, and learning what foods worked for her own body in the process. Now she shows others how they can make life style changes to improve their health.

Clients tell her how their sleep has improved, anxiety has gone down, energy has gone up, and more. She is here to show you how living a healthier and happier life is easier than you think.

Join us in the FREE 5-Day Holiday Survival Challenge from November 25-29th so you can transform your home-for-the-holidays and never again let family throw you off your food and fitness game.

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