Learn how to take care of your body so you can move more fluidly and pain-free without having to:


For real.

In fact, if it’s nagging aches and movement limitations you’re looking to solve, meeting with a trainer twice per week isn’t going to cut it if you do nothing outside of those sessions, and relying on fancy equipment may actually cause more harm than good.

That’s why I’m now offering a 2.5-hour Functional Range Assessment®, which is a comprehensive joint mobility assessment, from neck to toes.

We’ll split it into two sessions — one 90-minute and one 60-minute, one week apart — and you’ll get a mobility video routine to practice on your own in between the two. 

Both will take place at TruFit Personal Training Studios, 610 Davis St. in Evanston, Illinois, and afterwards I’ll provide you with a custom 4-week program to DIY.

After that, we can continue working together by you booking 60-minute “one-off” check-ins or signing up for monthly mobility coaching. It is your choice whether we continue meeting in person in Evanston or if we conduct our sessions via Zoom. Either way, you’ll get an updated program to follow on your own in between that you can do from home.

Here’s exactly how it works and what it includes…

STEP #1 — Sign up for an assessment with Sarah Laspas (that’s me!), ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, FRCms, and FRAs:

2.5-Hour Functional Range Assessment®


  Pre-session intake questionnaire to gather all health, injury, and training history necessary to ensure our time together is tailored to your specific needs.

  Comprehensive joint mobility assessment following FRA® standards — split into two sessions, one 90-minute and one 60-minute, one week apart — to determine your current strength and usable flexibility and to identify the root causes of any movement limitation or nagging aches and pains.

  Education on the key concepts of joint mobility work so you feel confident training on your own and get the most out of it.

Review and practice fundamental exercises that will address your primary deficiencies to restore joint functionality and help you move and feel better.

Thought work on your mindset surrounding movement and previous barriers to training consistently to create a realistic training schedule that aligns with your lifestyle and won’t stress you out.

Introduction to values-based goal setting to lay the foundation for a healthy, fulfilling relationship with fitness. 

Notes from sessions and custom 4-week training plan, including links to exercise demo videos, delivered via a Google Sheet.

30 days of email support for follow-up questions.

STEP #2 — If we’re a good fit and you’d like ongoing coaching, you may either book “one-off” check-ins or sign up for monthly coaching:

60-Minute Check-In*


Joint mobility assessment to track progress on primary joint deficiencies identified in prior session and identify new areas for improvement.

Review and practice fundamental exercises for your specific situation.

Education on your topic of choice — for example:

  Joint-centric strength training (a/k/a mobility training!);

  Traditional strength training;


  Consistency; and/or

  Body image.

Notes from session and updated 4-week training plan, including links to exercise demo videos, delivered via a Google Sheet.

30 days of email support for follow-up questions.

Monthly Mobility Coaching*


Monthly 60-minute session for training, assessment, movement review, and/or Q+A.

Access to the private Muscles & Moxie® library of mobility video routines.

Custom monthly training plan delivered via the TrueCoach training app, which allows you to:

  View a demo video for each exercise without navigating away from the app;

  Track your results for my review and accountability (and for your own personal satisfaction!);

  View your exercise result history with a single-click so you can see your progress;

  Upload a video of you performing any exercise you’re unsure about for my feedback; and

  Ask me follow-up questions at any time in between sessions via in-app messaging.

Basically … I’ve gotchu, every step of the way 🙂

* You must complete a full FRA® before booking a one-off session or signing up for monthly coaching.
**There is a 3-month minimum commitment for monthly coaching.

Sound good? Ready to get stronger and move better, without aches and pains? Shoot me an email at sarah@musclesandmoxie.com to set up your full body FRA®!