Defending yourself doesn’t require superhuman strength. You just need to know how to use the strongest parts of your body against the weakest parts of theirs.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this 2.5-hour workshop — simple verbal and physical self-defense techniques for women and those who identify as women of ALL ages and fitness levels. Read on to see if this private training is a good fit for you and your small group of girlfriends (or colleagues!)…

You’ll walk away from this workshop knowing how to:

Deter an unwanted interaction with your body language alone;

Identify an attacker’s most vulnerable body parts (beyond the obvious…);

Inflict damage with your elbows, your fingers, your fist, and even the palm of your hand;

Cash in on those strong hips to deliver mean kicks (and knees!);

Escape grabs and holds, whether they be around your torso, wrists, or neck;

Use your most powerful weapon — YOUR VOICE — in a way that both startles your attacker and improves the chances of bystander intervention; and

Safely provide support should you see another woman being harassed in public (because, really, if we don’t have each other’s backs, who will?!).

And if you think a self-defense class is too “advanced” for you, knowing what this class is NOT might change your mind:

While you will be on your feet most of the time, this class is NOT a group fitness or martial arts class. Not even close. All fitness levels are capable and welcome.

This class does NOT include any wrestling, sparring, or simulation attacks. It is strictly technique based, and you’ll practice many of those techniques safely and gently on one another. The only time you’ll be encouraged to use force is when practicing your strikes and kicks on pads held by the instructor (a.k.a. me).

This class is NOT a contest. It is an opportunity for women to come together in a safe, supportive space and practice potentially life-saving skills together. And champion the hell out of one another.

And I’ll be right there with you, every step of the way.

This seems like a good time to introduce myself.

I’m Sarah, your self-defense instructor!

I started Muscles and Moxie™ to help people get stronger, inside and out, and teaching women how to defend themselves is one of the ways I do that (personal fitness training is the other).

You can learn all about what I’m about here, but here’s the cliff’s notes version of why I’m the right person to run a workshop like this  …

Before becoming a personal trainer in 2016, I spent over a decade working in the legal field. During that time, I earned my M.S. in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in behavior analysis, and chose to do my final project on preventing the sexual victimization of female college students.

Fast forward to February 2018 when, on a whim, I went through a 2-hour self-defense class, which reignited my passion for crime prevention. Since then, I’ve taken:

IMPACT‘s 3-day Core self-defense program (April 2018);
Weekly Muay Thai lessons (November 2018 – Present);
R.A.D.’s self-defense instructor certification training (May 2019); and
IMPACT’s 2-day Defense Against Multiple Assailants program (November 2019).

Between my law background, my education, and my self-defense training, I know a lot about violent crime, the behavior that drives it, and what steps we can take to prevent it from happening to us.

You can consider this private 2.5-hour class one of those steps.

All you need to do now is recruit some of your closest friends or colleagues to go through it with you!

  Training for 2 women = $175 per person
  Training for 3-4 women = $125 per person
  Training for 5-6 women = $100 per person
  Training for 7-8 women = $85 per person

We can hold the training at TruFit Personal Training Studios at 610 Davis St. in Evanston, IL on an agreed-upon Friday or Saturday (2:30-5:00 pm or 5:30-8:00 pm) or Sunday (10:00 am – 12:30 pm or 1:00-3:30 pm).

Alternatively, in-home or in-business training is available on select days within a 5-mile radius of Evanston, IL for an additional $50 flat fee (greater distances TBD on a case-by-case basis). However, please keep in mind that verbal techniques — i.e. yelling “no,” “get away,” etc. as loud as you can — will be incorporated throughout the entire training, so you’ll need to make sure your neighbors are: (1) Aware, and (2) Okay with the noise. The last thing we want is for the police to arrive due to noise complaints or concerns for safety.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking, and a final headcount (and the remaining balance) is due one week prior to the training. Email me at to get this scheduled.

Need more reassurance that this is right for you?

Check out my responses to some frequently asked questions:

Who exactly is this class for?
This 2.5-hour class is for all women and women-identified, ages 13 to infinity, who are willing to bring a positive attitude and a fighting spirit to the table. However, if you’re under 18 and reading this, your guardian needs to be the one to book with me and also needs to take the class as part of your group. Think of it as a really badass way to bond with your mom.

Will you help me find other women to take this class with me?
While I can certainly let you know if I come across any women who might be interested, this is meant to be a private training for your small group, so I will not be marketing it as a public workshop. It will ultimately be up to you to recruit 1 to 7 other women to fill your group.

What if I’ve been sexually assaulted? Will this class be good for me?
While taking a self-defense class can be incredibly empowering for survivors, I highly recommend that you consult with a mental health professional before committing to make sure now is the right time.

Why can’t men participate?
Attacks on men involve a different power dynamic than attacks on women. The self-defense techniques I teach are specific to women, and those are the only ones I am qualified to teach at this time.

Can you guarantee that I’ll be able to defend myself after taking this workshop?
No. This is an introductory self-defense workshop, so you cannot rely on it alone for your safety. As with most things, your mastery of these skills is dependent upon diligent and ongoing practice.

Do you think I’ll ever have to actually use this stuff?
My hope is that you’ll never have to use anything beyond the body language and verbal techniques you’ll learn in this class, but sometimes a physical attack cannot be avoided, and I want fighting back to be a viable option for you should it come to that.

Ready? Click the button below to contact me about booking a private workshop for you and your small group of 2 to 8 women.

Let’s do this.