Once upon a time, a financial advisor and a self-defense instructor teamed up to teach 20 women how to keep their money and themselves safe.

And by “once upon a time,” I mean a Saturday in June.

Please join us from 1:30 – 3:30 pm on June 29, 2019 at TruFit Personal Training Studios (610 Davis St. in Evanston) for Save Your Ass(ets), a beginner’s workshop for women, by women, on how to protect yourself financially and physically:

The Money Ninja

Patty Finley, Edward Jones Financial Advisor

The Defense Fanatic

Sarah Laspas, Cert. Self-Defense Instructor and Personal Trainer

The Schedule

Athletic clothing required (who wants to dress up on a Sat. afternoon anyway?)!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You think you’re “too old” (or “too young”) to take a self-defense class and/or save for retirement (you’re not!);
  • You’re recently divorced, and your ex used to handle all the household finances (and you also want to feel safer living alone);
  • You’re headed to college this Fall and want to be prepared should you find yourself walking home at night by yourself;
  • You just graduated college and are freaking out about how to save money while paying off 80K worth of college loans; or
  • You’re starting a new job and want someone other than HR to translate terms like vesting and diversification for you before you make any 401(k) decisions.

Turns out you can create a financial plan and learn defense techniques regardless of your age*, assets, or fitness level … and we want to prove it to you.

Plus, while we may be talking money, the cost to attend is ZERO DOLLARS!
*pops champagne*

However, signup is required and space is limited to 20 women, so you should prooooobably reserve your spot now.

Sign me up!

*Under 18? We’d love to have you! But your legal guardian needs to tag along.