I’m so excited to help you reconnect with your body and get stronger, inside and out!

And I’m even more excited that now, thanks to the internet, we can work together even if you don’t live anywhere near Evanston, Illinois — HOORAY!!!

Below you’ll find all the details for:

Either virtually via Zoom or in person at TruFit Personal Training Studios (610 Davis St. in Evanston).

For you and your friends or fam (4 people max) via Zoom.

a.k.a. I’ll design your entire fitness program for you so you don’t have to and help you stick to DIYing it via a training app and monthly Zoom calls.

You’ll also learn more about me, my story, and my training philosophy farther on down the page.

So, check it out, and as the Spice Girls would say: Tell me what you want, what you really, really want... (or, if you already know, you can click right here to get in touch right now!).

One-on-One Personal Training


You’re ready to establish a healthy relationship with fitness (and, ultimately, your body) so you can finally stay consistent and build the strength you need to live an active and adventurous life!

The fitness program I design will be unique to you and your wants and needs so you can be sure you’re progressing efficiently, and since you’ll be getting one-on-one attention, you’ll know you’re truly nailing your form.

Our overarching goal will always be to re-train your body to move the way it was designed to (changes in physique are just a byproduct!), and you can expect to get pushed outside your comfort zone regularly … but also safely and enjoyably!
Three-month minimum commitment.

PER-SESSION RATE = $90 … so, the approx. monthly investment, based on a 5-week month, is:
1x/week = $450/month
2x/week = $900/month
3x/week = $1,350/month
(via Zoom or at TruFit in Evanston)

I get you by my side and all to myself? Yes, please.

This is what Kate has to say about one-on-one personal training:

Working with Sarah has been a boost in my life I didn’t even realize I needed. In my 20s and 30s I approached all exercise from the “push harder” perspective. Looking back now, I realize I was just throwing my body around without much intention or focus. After years of that and having two kids, I found myself in a state of ongoing pain. I was suddenly fearful and hesitant to push myself physically in any way. But after my first session with Sarah, I reconnected with a feeling I thought I had lost forever … I felt STRONG! I also didn’t feel scared to push hard because it was clear that Sarah really knew her stuff and had my back. She listened carefully to my interests and needs, and quickly observed ways that my lifestyle and injuries were impacting me. As a result of her thoughtfully customized workouts, I started to notice a difference physically and mentally in a very short period of time (after just a month, my son commented on how “muscley” my back felt when he gave me a hug!). Sarah gives me confidence on the days I struggle to muster it and I’m now using weights I would have never gone near at the gym. My work with her has made me feel like a total badass—inside and out.” ~Kate E.

Click HERE if it sounds like one-on-one training is for you!

Private Small Group Training


You want to trade in those weekly, wine-filled video calls you’ve been having with your girlfriends (or Netflix dates with your partner) for a healthier hangout.

This is different from a group fitness class because you’ll be with people you care about, have a say in what we work on each week, and with such a small number of people — 4 max — I’ll be able to give you individualized attention and exercise modifications should you need them.

It’s pay-as-you-go, and what each person owes is based on how many of you are able to attend that week’s session.
Three-month minimum commitment.

PER-SESSION RATE = $120 … so, the per-person, per-session price is:
2 people = $60/person
3 people = $40/person
4 people = $30/person
(via Zoom)

I already know who I want in my group! In fact, I’m calling them NOW.

This is what Bridget has to say about private small group training:

“Sarah is very professional and keeps our chatty group focused during our weekly sessions. Our workouts are always changing so boredom never sets in. Sarah gives great feedback on our form with easy to follow cues to improve it. I never worry about getting injured with her watching. She offers great modifications to protect bad knees, shoulders, etc. Our group has transitioned easily to doing online sessions since Shelter in Place started. Sarah conducts our sessions through the Zoom app where she demos the exercises and we follow along with her coaching our form and cheering us on. I highly recommend working out with Sarah — she is keeping a group of 55+ women in great shape!” ~Bridget S.

Click HERE if you want a healthier hangout with your VIPs too!

Online Fitness Coaching


You’ve got your form down and don’t need a trainer right by your side, but you do want your fitness program handled for you so you can reach your goals without having to spend time researching and planning your workouts.

The custom workouts I create will be delivered to you weekly via a private, easy-to-use app where you can view a demo video for each exercise, track your results, shoot a video of you performing any exercise you’re unsure about for my review and feedback, ask me questions at any time via in-app messaging … and more. I even use this software to plan out and track progress on my own training — that’s how much I freaking love it!

Three-month minimum commitment. Oh, and we’ll do a 45-minute coaching call every month too — BOOM!

(via a smartphone app)

*FUN FACT: If you train with me one-on-one and want a custom routine to follow in between our live sessions together, this service is perfect for you too, and you’ll get it at 50% off.

Fitness programming and accountability? This is EXACTLY what I need.

This is what Amanda has to say about online fitness coaching:

“I started working out with Sarah almost 2 years ago. Since then, I have seen a marked improvement in my energy and stamina, and a large decrease in joint pain. Those were my major reasons I decided to seek out the help of a personal trainer to begin with. When the COVID-19 shutdowns began, Sarah was quick to move all of her sessions online so that no one missed out, and she also started using an app for training. I have found the app to be super easy to use, can work out at my own pace at any time of the day, and I can access all of my notes from previous sessions to track progress. Using the app also keeps me much more accountable than I would be on my own. I know when she has posted a workout for me, and I know when I have missed one. The fact that she can see when I miss one provides the motivation that I need to make it up, where I probably wouldn’t if left to my own devices. She is also very quick to respond to messages and questions. At this point, I feel confident in my ability to work out safely on my own, but it is so helpful to have someone who can put together a framework so that I am sure to get a good balance. Overall, my experience with Sarah has been a positive one, and I would recommend her personal training services to anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life.” ~Amanda H.

Click HERE if you’re confident working out solo but still want an expert to design a custom routine for you and keep you on track!

“But, wait, who is this ‘expert’ that you speak of?”

Oh, hi, that would be me! I’m Sarah Laspas. Legal pro turned certified personal trainer and mobility specialist. Also, insecure kid who didn’t play sports growing up (except for that one super embarrassing season of volleyball in the 9th grade… *shudder*) who went on to become a marathoner, lifter, and practicer of Muay Thai. And, in the 10+ years in between, someone who worked out the wrong way, for the wrong reasons and loathed the gym (and the mirror) because of it.

For over a decade, I treated exercise as a way to sweat out last night’s burrito and would pedal away on the godforsaken elliptical until the “calories burned” display told me I succeeded.

I threw my body around in group fitness classes with little concern for whether I was doing anything right, believing that if my clothes weren’t drenched in sweat and I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up by the end, I clearly hadn’t pushed myself hard enough and the workout “didn’t count.”

And, when I finally did discover strength training, I was the person who mindlessly went down the line of machines in the weightroom without a clue what I was doing, trying to mimic the “gym bros” around me … totally intimidated and also bored out of my mind.

Basically, I was under the impression that exercise was something you had to do to stay “skinny” and was meant to be white-knuckled through.

This led to a lot of yo-yo fitnessing and body image issues (surprise, surprise).

It wasn’t until I started working with trainers when I began to learn how to work out and to view it as a way to get stronger, not smaller.

Slowly, my relationship with fitness began to improve. I took the time to experiment and figure out what I liked and needed to do, without regard for how many calories it burned. And?

Moving my body and challenging myself in the right way became an enjoyable and necessary part of my life.

Fast forward to today. I haven’t weighed myself in years, I’m more confident in my body than I ever have been (partly because I trashed my scale), and I spend my days helping highly motivated people like YOU change your relationship with fitness too. Because it’s time you stopped being so hard on yourself and started living your life.

And if that’s hard to imagine because at this point you’re so beyond frustrated, I hear you … and I know you need to hear this: It’s. Not. Your. Fault. Gym class in school is useless when it comes to learning about lifelong fitness, and the fitness industry is designed to make you feel like shit if you’re not destroying your body every workout and don’t have 6-pack abs. *insert massive eye roll here*

But, repeat after me:


(and treating it as such isn’t what’s going to get you your best physique anyway, so there really is NO point in making it THE point).

It’s about re-training your body to move the way it was designed to (adiós joint pain and posture shame!).

It’s about healing yourself, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

It’s about escaping your comfort zone, both inside and outside of the gym, and getting stronger, inside and out.

And, with me as your personal trainer / fitness coach / weightroom wingwoman, that’s exactly what you can expect.

Sound good? Think we might be a good fit to get you fit? Let’s find out!

Tell me a little more about yourself HERE, and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.